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“One must live as if it would be forever, and as if one might die each moment. Always both at once.”
-Mary Renault

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Live Everyday Like You're Dying

Hi, my name is Laurene Head. I'm sure you were expecting a professional photograph of a "coach" sitting behind a desk in a perfectly staged office. Well, I would rather show you that I live life to the fullest, and  I am a professional CONSCIOUS LIVING & CONSCIOUS DYING COACH.

It is my passion to guide individuals to live their best lives, no matter how much time they have. As your coach, I will guide you to discover and awaken your soul, to elevate your life, and to live in authentic truth with love and acceptance.

We take our first inhale at birth and our final exhale at death. They are the bookends of our life. Once we accept that death is as natural as birth, we can relax into a feeling of great peace. I can help you create the life, the death, and the sacred moments­­ in between that awaken and elevate your soul.

I was called to this work even before my birth. I was conceived in grief, as my parents mourned the death of their first born, eight-year-old daughter, Lorelee.  This experience has allowed me to honour my intuition, ground me in sensitivity and allow for authentic connections in my personal and professional relationships. By embracing empathy, presence, love, and spirituality, I can confidently hold space for intense conversations and experiences. I have personally navigated the intricate twists and turns of grief and have willingly accompanied others in their grief journeys.

I am a loving mother and stepmother to five beautiful humans, a pet mom, a member of an almost comedically dysfunctional extended family, and a devoted friend to many. When I am not coaching clients, I am teaching online high school, practicing yoga, meditating, and hiking in the mountains.

As a passionate healer, I will be your loving guide as you journey toward your soul and into higher consciousness.

My wish for you is to experience an ELEVATED life and death.

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